OneHeart -Hope in Goma

A project of King's Church Southampton led by member Kathy McQueen to support Hope School in Goma a city in Eastern Democratic Rupublic of the Congo.

Hope School

Children are the future

The school was started when Claudaline asked a little boy sitting on the side of the road what he was going to do when he grew up, he answered – “shoot people and rape women!”  Hope School has 270 children, almost all casualties of war - orphans, children born out of rape or from displaced people groups. I believe that the children of Hope School having an opportunity for education, knowing what it is to experience success and tasting something of what it means to be loved and valued could be significant catalysts for change..

How to support us

Your chance to make a difference

Please consider how you may help. Hope School has many needs such as:

  • staffing costs of 60USD a month each for 25 staff = 1500USD or £1200 for one month
  • pupil food costs of 125USD a day for 270 children = 3510USD  or £2800 for one month
Our aim is to cover these costs to ensure the future of Hope School is sustainable.