About Us

Désiré and Claudaline Mukanirwa on their Visit to Southampton UK March 2018

Désiré the Bishop of Goma and his wife Claudaline are the amazing couple that established several projects to help the vulnerable, especially women and children, under the umbrella of their charity ASDIG (Action Salutaire pour le Department Integral de Goma) started in 2007. Claudaline runs vocational courses, having trained hundreds of women in tailoring as well as providing micro-finance and agricultural projects largely based in Kalehe to provide opportunities for women to be financially independent. They started Hope school in the Keshero region of Goma. Working among all these people who suffered terribly in recent, brutal conflicts that have blighted the country, Desire and Claudaline promote peace and reconciliation.

It is with great sadness that we were informed of the passing of Désiré, after a short illness, on 11th July 2020. We will post more information as we receive it. 

Kathy McQueen

Kathy started what has become OneHeart - Hope in Goma through contact with Bishop Désiré and his wife Claudaline via a Flame International trip to DRC in 2014. As a member of King's Church in Southampton she has led the project as part of a team of enthusiastic people. The project currently comes under the umbrella of King's Church a registered charity in the UK that has mission and serving others at the heart of all it does.

King's Church Southampton

We are an evangelical church made up of people from very diverse backgrounds, covering six continents (we're missing Antarcticans). 

As a church organisation, we are independently financed and we are registered and operated as a charity. We believe that the Bible is God's word, so we study it and try to apply it to all aspects of our lives.  We believe in God the Father, His son Jesus, and in the Holy Spirit and we actively encourage spiritual gifts.   

We work closely with churches in the city, particularly those within the Southampton Christian Network (SCN). We’ve had a strong historic link to the Icthus Christian Fellowship in London, and have adopted the Evangelical Alliance’s statement of faith.